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Why Over 90% of Internet Startups Fail Today

Do you know anyone who would like to quit their job and work from the comfort of home on their computer? Do you know anyone who has quit their job, jumped onto the internet with no preparation, no ad.

Do you know anyone who would like to quit their job and work from the comfort of home on their computer? Do you know anyone who has quit their job, jumped onto the internet with no preparation, no education, and no training with hopes to make a living online?
The fact is that according to many sources, more than 90% of all internet business start-ups end in failure within the first 120 days. Yes, you read that right. 9 out of 10 are out of business within 90 days. This failure rate should be a warning to those that are unhappy with their 9 to 5 and looking to make a living online from home.
However, there is that other 10%. What is the other 10% doing that the 90% isn't? There are many factors to consider. The most important is that success doesn't happen overnight. Have you ever read an email that says something like, "Turn $2.95 into $5,000 per month in 30 days?" or something similar? I think we have all seen those.
Success happens because people in the 10% have the right ideas about internet marketing and how it works. The key word here being "work". For example, if you went to your 9 to 5 job and when you showed up at the office you did absolutely nothing. Do you think your employer would be willing to pay you? I think not. However, the other 90% believe they can get a website online, and wahla, no work required. They couldn't be farther from the truth.
The other 10% of successful internet marketers list 4 important factors for a successful internet business.
1 - Self-discipline. This is probably the most difficult for your typical 9-to-5'er to overcome. You see, that person is used to having instructions given to them and they carry out their assignment. The do what they are told and get a paycheck on Friday. Anything to keep the boss happy and get paid, right?
Well if you want to make a living online from home is anyone gonna be there to tell you what, how and when to do it? I think not. If you want to make a living online from home be prepared to work. Most internet marketers I know have put in long and tedious hours to get their business where they want it.
2 - Non-stop training. The internet moves fast and changes abruptly. Be prepared to adjust accordingly or get left behind. You see, you have to lose the employee mindset. This is your business. Treat it like a business. That means you do whatever you have to do to make it work.
3 - Have a plan. The 'ole saying "Plan your work and work your plan" is never more true than in your home business. You must know the what, whenBusiness Management Articles, where and how to get you where you want to go. Make sure your plan is long-term and not get rich quick. You may have to adjust your plan as you go and a 'never give up' attitude will serve you well when working from home.
4 - Seek advice from those that are living it. Most successful internet marketers will tell you straight forward that they learn most of their internet skills from other internet marketers that have accomplished what they want to accomplish. The internet is a copy-cat world. Learn from others and seek a mentor.


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