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The Power of Story Telling You Must Know

Telling stories is not only one of the oldest forms of communication; it is also one of the most effective. Accepting this statement as true should help you see why creating a business story is a reliable way to connect, and to create a bond with your customer that helps you rise above your competition in their eyes.
A story can make you cry. However, a funny story can also make you laugh until your stomach hurts. It touches your emotional sensor that is deep down in your mind. How can it do that? What is the power behind the story telling?
When you are telling a story to your audience, you make a connection to them in humanity level in such a way that it is not as dry as the spec sheet of a physical electronic device. The process of building the connection sets the frame of image in their mind.
You can not control the outcome of the story, but you get to touch the desire which motivates every human. The desire that reflects current view of the world and goals they want. The most important key point is to learn how to hook and reel them. Learn how to put a great bait-- the story, that can tap into a core of human needs; you’ve got yourself some pretty good bait.
In order to have such a good bait, you must have the story as real as possible so that the audience would have the image etched an image into audience’s mind. Story has a strong impact in universal audience if it is very real to them.

The story must be related to the topic that you present. It must be related to the situation that your audience is having a problem with. It depicts the solution to the problem in the story. In another word, you have to Know how to satisfy what they want and fulfill their demand. Say a “Yes” to what they want and figure “How” to deliver it later.
So there is no need gesture, body language, and facial expression required. Painting your story with words to express the image in your audience's mind is good enough for article marketing.
You can use a story to persuade, influence, and motivate the audience. Here is a good article about what you can include as your article story. It describes about your experience, ex-customers, testimonials, case studies, and surrounding events for your story. For more details, check the article, The Most Important Element of Your Marketing story.
The story can last for a long time after it is told Free Reprint Articles, but no guaranteed strategies to influence.
You and your company should learn from the lessons we are seeing in the political arena to create your story and sell it to your customers. By create I do not mean make it up, but show people who you are, what you have learned and how this relates to your business and your customers. I still remember Lee Iacocca's personal appeal on television to get people to do business with his company. His challenge to the American car buyer was bold and simple, "If you find a better car . . . buy it!" Surely no one would make that kind of statement unless they were supremely confident in their product. Consumers bought the dare and it saved the company.
Other stories have been used to put a face and an image on a company. Disney did it twice; once with Walt himself, and later with Michael Eisner -- both of whom came into your living room via television to tell you a story and create an image. They don't call Walt Disney 'Uncle Walt' for nothing. It was done to create a particular image and it succeeded.
Although stories are unique to the company and individuals running them, they do follow themes. Examples are the "Mother" (Oprah), "General" (Iacocca, Jack Welch), "Statesman" (all former Presidents), "Wizard" (Steve Jobs), "Explorer" (Richard Branson), "Faithful Servant" (Al Gore), and "Wise Man" (Warren Buffet). Naturally, these themes rise and fall with the times -- as heroes sometimes turn into villains then goats and back again to hero -- ala Martha Stewart.
What is your story? What is the story of your company and your brand itself? How did it all come about and what is the connector to your market and customer base? The more you are able to answer these questions, and more importantly, the more you understand the importance of the story and constantly reinforce its feature, the stronger the bond you will build with your customer.


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