Friday, 29 May 2015

iOS vs. Android: Which App to Develop First

The long asked question of which mobile app market to develop for, if you don’t have the resources to develop an iPhone app and Android app simultaneously, might be a bit clearer than you might think. 
Depending on your needs and strategy for developing your app, a particular platform may be a better fit to develop for first. 
Below are four topics to take into consideration when deciding which mobile app store to develop for first.

Mobile App Usage Continues To Increase Every Single Day

According to the data released by Flurry, mobile app users continue to spend more time accessing mobile data, and that mobile apps are the way of the future for most successful businesses.
A new term has emerged from the study of mobile app data – “whale” is a mobile app power user, a person who launches a particular app 60 or more times a day. The average app user only launches a particular app 10 times a day.
This has lead business focus on the following: –

How can effective SEO improve the ranking of your website?

For many people, SEO is a set of hidden tricks, performed only from some “SEO gurus” who know the secrets of Google. A few years ago, SEO was easier, as it was enough to create a landing page, add some keywords and build links, in order to achieve high rankings.

But now, SEO has become more complex and difficult, as now you have to optimize several aspects of the website. The following guide will examine the major steps of a successful SEO plan.

We are now in Mobile App and Game Development

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