Friday, 29 May 2015

How can effective SEO improve the ranking of your website?

For many people, SEO is a set of hidden tricks, performed only from some “SEO gurus” who know the secrets of Google. A few years ago, SEO was easier, as it was enough to create a landing page, add some keywords and build links, in order to achieve high rankings.

But now, SEO has become more complex and difficult, as now you have to optimize several aspects of the website. The following guide will examine the major steps of a successful SEO plan.
1. Researching Keywords: –
  • Key words play a big role in your campaign. With a keyword research you try to find which keywords or phrases people use to find your website or competitor’s websites and then decide which ones to target.
  • Add a long list of keywords:
    Nowadays, it is recommended to target the “long tail” of keywords. Today, most searches are not restricted to 1 keyword, but 2,3 or even 4 keywords long. With long tail keywords, it is easier to rank among the first positions.
  • Competitive Analysis: –
    Screening competitors website is really important to discover new keywords to target.

2. Usability: –
Search Engines gives users satisfying results. For this reason they take into account the engagement metrics of a website. “Webmasters can improve the ranking of the websites by creating high-quality sites that users will want to use and share”. Important things to keep in mind: –
  • Overall appeal:
    Usability includes things like clearly labeling different parts of the website so visitors can easily find their way around, making important areas of the page easy to spot or making it simple to find contact information.
  • Navigation:
    Search engines may rank a multitude of a website’s pages simultaneously, which means that people will be able to access a site from pages other than the home page. Without good navigation that covers the entire site,visitors get stuck on a page and are not be able to explore complete website.
  • Content quality:
Keeping usability in mind, no page should be longer than 800 words except for the blogposts. The page content needs to contain the relevant keywords. Having unique, keyword rich text on a page can help to improve search engine rankings significantly.

3. Content Marketing
Fresh and quality content is the foundation of a successful SEO campaign. It has become important for every business to invest in the production of fresh, engaging and quality content, like the following:
  • Company blog:
    Fresh and useful content can rank you high in search engines.
  • Guides, e-books, or other useful content require more effort, but if they are promoted correctly they can help to bring new links for several months after their creation.
  • The other things that can market your content are Info graphics, charts, or other visual content to attract new links to your website.

4.Social Media Strategy plays an important role in ranking your business. Following needs to be considered while deciding your social media strategy: –
  • Goals for social media:
    These could help in increasing the size of the community and gain more exposure for your content.
  • Understand your audience:
It is important for you to research and understand the audiences who are interested in you.
  • Choose Social media channels:
    There are so many different social media channels available, that it’s impossible for a business to be successful on all of them. In the beginning, target 3-4 social media channels, where you have active target audience.
  • Connect with influencers: 
    People with a lot of followers in social media can be valuable, because they can spread your message to more people. Locate them and try to connect with them.
  • Make a social media-posting plan:
    For every channel, decide how often you will post and what kind of content you’re going to use.


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