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Overtime Management

Overtime is the amount of time someone works beyond normal working hours. Overtime, or time worked beyond a specified number of hours in a week by hourly, non-exempt employees, can wreak havoc on the operating budget of a small business. Pay for any hours worked as overtime are paid at a higher rate than regular hours. While there may be times when overtime is necessary and cost-effective, overtime pay can begin to drain your bottom line if not managed correctly. Advance planning and scheduling can help reduce the need for employees to work in excess of their scheduled hours. Proactively managing your employees’ overtime, avoiding surprises and preparing for the future can reduce your expense, protect your company from financial crisis, and improve morale company wide. Overtime Management Software play critical role in helping management to track overtime of hourly employees. Knowing exactly how many hours everyone contributes is critical to making smart choices and handling potentia…

Stop Late Comings - Motivate Employees

As an HR person, you always had this difficult problem of managing latecomers. And many times you tried convincing yourself that some employees are too hard to change, no matter how you motivate them. Here are some points to stop late comings forever, with guaranteed results. Track your employees with an accuracy of minutes The first and foremost thing to do is to record employee in/out times accurately. As a human, it’s impossible for you to track an employee every time he comes in or goes out. You can automate this by using a time attendance device. If you don’t have one, buy a new one; it doesn’t cost much. Attendance tracking, with an option for manual editing Time Attendance devices are very accurate in tracking your employees. But as a manager it should be possible for you to add, delete or edit data coming in from time attendance devices. Sometimes, one of your employees is late because he was on a client visit. Your time attendance device will indicate it as a late coming, bu…

How to scale your startup with the best talent

The age of startups is still mature and strong. It has been estimated by Worldwide Business Startups that each year, 50 million startups are started; this translates to an average of 137,000 startups per day. The perception that they are a paradise alternative to blue collar jobs is fading by the day. Currently, MBA holders are now ready to work for companies that have over 10,000 employees and also startups that have less than 100 employees.
This means that startups have to build a talent management capability early enough if they have to attract and retain talent to secure funding and grow their business. The sad fact is that most startups don’t take this road. Most startups are focused on getting more bodies through their doors and hope for the best down the road. Now, for startups to secure top talent in their businesses, the six timeless best practices we are going to look at are used for entrepreneurial leaders to grow their business. Hire for long-term purposes
Hiring with short-te…

Startups or SMEs: Which One Should You Choose

There are quite a few differences between startups and SMEs. The primary difference is how they are funded and whom the funds are given too. The guidelines given by the Government of India determines how the classification between startups and SMEs are done. Based on these classifications the funding, benefits, and exemptions are also allocated.
Be it a startup founder or a small and medium sized business enterprise (SME) owner, often both experience the same hiccups and growth curves while setting up their business. In terms of their investment, or the lack of receiving corporate funding the stories narrated by the founders of a startup or an SME is often quite similar. While the experience in starting the business might be similar but the process of the funding mechanism, the journey from the idea of getting the operation commercial is quite different. Even the customer base for a startup company and an SME is quite different in most cases. So if someone is deciding to start a new bu…

Common SEO mistakes that startups should avoid!

Search engine optimization the most important technique for startups require high quality strategy and highly talented team. Despite of everything, our extra occupied entrepreneurs often make some silly mistakes whenever it comes to SEO.So this article is the general explanation of such mistakes for startup owners. 
SEO no doubt has become an integral part of any digital marketing strategy today. Although Google Penguin update has sent some rumours about the end of the SEO era but there is nothing like that. Even after having a close inspection, it can be said that SEO still has the power to outrank other strategies. The only thing that has been altered or changed is the rules of the game and the ways it’s being played. SEO can be a cutthroat for the startup town. One can not imagine traffic, leads and revenue at the first place without a proper SEO strategy. I have worked with a variety of Vancouver companies basically the startups, that’s why I can say that SEO either explicitly or im…

Why Over 90% of Internet Startups Fail Today

Do you know anyone who would like to quit their job and work from the comfort of home on their computer? Do you know anyone who has quit their job, jumped onto the internet with no preparation, no ad.
Do you know anyone who would like to quit their job and work from the comfort of home on their computer? Do you know anyone who has quit their job, jumped onto the internet with no preparation, no education, and no training with hopes to make a living online? The fact is that according to many sources, more than 90% of all internet business start-ups end in failure within the first 120 days. Yes, you read that right. 9 out of 10 are out of business within 90 days. This failure rate should be a warning to those that are unhappy with their 9 to 5 and looking to make a living online from home. However, there is that other 10%. What is the other 10% doing that the 90% isn't? There are many factors to consider. The most important is that success doesn't happen overnight. Have you ever re…

Guerilla Marketing

The biggest reason why most new business startups fail today can be lack of promotion, No matter how great your product or service is, if you don’t promote your startup you won’t have successful.
The biggest reason why most new business startups fail today can be attributed to lack of marketing. No matter how great your product or service is, if you don’t promote your business, you won’t have customers. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be expensive, when you’re just starting out on the entrepreneurial path. An excellent book I recommend is “Guerilla Marketing for Free” by Jay Conrad Levinson. It gives several great marketing ideas that don’t cost a dime. Some include:

Making Guarantees (money back if not completely satisfied) and offering Free Trials - These are both ways of removing the feeling of risk in your prospects eyes.

Offering Gift Certificates- An excellent gift idea for customers, prospects or friends and a great way to spread the word about your business.

Using Free Classifie…

Why Waltrump Development Services Attract So Many Startups?

Startups try to crack the minimal viable products of their data. WALTRUMP has lots of gems, which is small pieces of code or plugins which solve a particular problem. Gems allow making things faster and quick, you can say just in time. And there are lots of reasons to use Waltrump as first choice of framework to use to shape the idea in reality for a startup.
Why Waltrump service for startups? 1.Waltrump is easy to teach, easy to maintain and easy to deploy. It allows you to get going quickly, especially in context of nominal viable product. The impulse to use Ruby on Rails for startups is three fold- ease of use, abundance of developers and cheap startup cost. 2.Rail promotes the rapid prototyping methodology. By using the Ruby on Rails framework, it is possible to create new web applications ten times faster compared with a regular Java framework. 3.Ruby on Rails is best suited for building web applications from scratch or when the design of the application is built from the ground up. …

The Power Of Self Discipline

Introduction My friend Kevin is one of the smartest people I know, hands down. Nobody even comes close. I went to a pretty good, highly ranked university in California. In my close circle of friends, Kevin outshone everybody else. It's as if he can figure out complicated math equations at the back of his head. In fact, one time, we were talking about the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle while eating pizza. There I was, completely stumped about this theory, and my friend Kevin broke it down in between bites of a slice pizza. That's how brilliant he was and still is. Kevin was so sharp that he only needed to show up in class once, and that is to take roll so that the professor doesn't drop him on the first day, and he’d refuse to go to the class ever again. When exam time rolls around, you can count on Kevin to get at least an A. He did this like clockwork. In fact, in many cases, he got awards and honors and he didn't even have to show up for the lectures. I remember lau…