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Top Quality Free Tools for Your Web Needs

Free Quality Tools For Your Web Business

Text and Word Processing:

FTP Tools:

Graphics Tools:


Image Editing Tools:

Video/Screen Capture:

Video Upload Sites:

Free Press Release Sites -

Audio Recorder: (free sound effects)


Anti-Virus Protection/Firewall:

SEO Tools:

Keyword Tools:

HTML Editor and Website Creators:

HTML Tutorial:

PDF Tools:

Survey Software:

Blogging Software:

Free Ebooks:

Market Research:


Internet Marketing Forums:

Good Reading:
63 Killer Marketing Strategies by Dan S. Kennedy
filesize: 181 KB

The Law Of Success by Napoleon Hill
Download here: Law Of Success
filesize: 362 KB

101 Short, Sharp, Mini-Articles To Help Your Online Business Succeed by Neil Shearing
filesize: 376 KB

Idea Virus by Seth Godin
Download here: Idea Virus
filesize: 737 KB

Software & Scripts:
Drop Down Menu Creator
Download here: Drop Down Menu Creator
filesize: 1.69 MB

Pop-Up Creator
Download here: Pop-Up Creator
filesize: 1.04 MB

Download here: PH Proxy
filesize: 30.3 KB

46 Free Utility Programs/

Get paid for your content

Firefox Internet Browser

Mozilla Thunderbird email client w/RSS reader

International Shopping Cart Software

Cam Unzip (zip utility)


Web stats


Press Release Creator

Pop-In maker

Expired Domain Name Tool

Mind mapping tool

Copernic Desktop Search

Print multiple pages to a single sheet of paper

Million dollar pixel script

Web research and article collection

CSS stylesheet editor

Wink Tutorial Creator

PowerBullet Presentation software

Free conference calling

Zip Codes

Newspaper Directory

Freeware alternatives for commercial software:
This rather extensive listing is courtesy of the forum at

3D Graphics:

Windows Live Safety Center -

Anti Spyware:
SpyBot Search & Destroy -

Anti-spam programs:

Audio Creation:

Audio Player:
Jet Audio Basic -
VLC Media Player -

Audio Tools:
dBpowerAMP Music Converter -
Encounter 2003 -
GermaniXEncoder -
MusicBrainz -

CD/DVD burning:
CDR Tools Frontend -
Easy Burning, DropCD & Audio CD -

Checksum Utilities:

Compression / Decompression:

DIRMS & Buzzsaw -

Desktop addons:
Desktop Sidebar -
Google Desktop -

Download managers:
Free Download Manager -

File managers:
Gyula's Navigator -
MeeSoft Commander -

Kerio Personal Firewall -
Outpost Firewall (version 1 is free) -
SoftPerfect Personal Firewall -
Sygate (FREE for personal use) -
Zonealarm Basic firewall (FREE) - ZoneAlarm

FTP clients:

FTP Servers:
TYPSoft FTP Server -

HTML Editors:
Trellian webPAGE -
TSW WebCoder -
WYSIWYG Web Builder -

Instant Messenger:
Pidgin (formerly GAIM) -
Mercury Messenger -
MSN Messenger -
Trillian Basic -

Internet Explorer Front-ends:
Maxthon Browser -



Pegasus Mail -

Maintenance & Tools

Network Tools:
CMDTime NTP Utility -
Ethereal Protocol Analyzer -


Partition Resizer -
Ranish Partition Manager -

PDF Programs:
Ghostscript/GSView -

PHP editors:

Photo manipulation and image design:

Picture viewers:

Popup Blocker
Google Toolbar -

Portable Software:
PortableApps Suite -

PHP Hypertext Parser -


RSS Readers

Security / Encryption:
All-in-One Secretmaker -
Blowfish Advanced CS-

System information and monitoring:

Video codecs:
Kazaa Lite Codec Pack -
Quicktime Alternative -
Real Player Alternative -

Video players:
DivX Player -

Video tools:

Web browsers:

Web servers:

Webcam programs:
booruWebCam -

Nullsoft Installer -
Peerguardian -


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